The Arbor

The Arbor used during the ceremony      

One of the entire wedding party

A photo of the entire wedding party     

The bride and Groom isolated

The Bride and Groom isolated     

Combining Arbor and wedding couple

Combining Arbor and wedding couple     

And now for color adjustment options and aging of the photo, and note the last change the photo as a painting.     

Project information

  • Category: Multi-Photo Imagineering
  • Client: N/A
  • Project date: 01 October, 2021
  • Project URL: N/A

This is an example of a
Multi-Photo Imagineering

Imagineering: a verb; The activity of devising and implementing new or highly imaginative concepts or technologies, it was a term coined by Walt Disney to describe the people and the process in designing the Walt Disney theme park attractions. Or as it would apply to Multi-Photo Imagineering, it is the process of identifying elements out of multiple photographs that can be assembled into one photograph satisfying a clients needs.

For this project a photo base was created for a shot that was missed on the wedding day. Once the base photo was created it was used to create a number of renderings. These renderings were done in a old photo style, in keeping with the old style pose that the couple had for the original photo.