Original Image

The Original Image.     

Color graded some cleanup

First the photo was changed to black and white     

Additional color grading more cleanup

Next we ligten up the photo and start adding some fog     

Modified sky color and added clouds

Last step was to add Big Foot and some additiona layers of fog     

Project information

  • Category: Single-Photo Imagineering
  • Client: N/A
  • Project date: April, 2022
  • Project URL: N/A

This is an example of a
Single-Photo Imagineering

Imagineering: a verb; The activity of devising and implementing new or highly imaginative concepts or technologies, it was a term coined by Walt Disney to describe the people and the process in designing the Walt Disney theme park attractions. Or as it would apply to Single-Photo Imagineering, the process can be as simple as taking a single image and re-working it to satisfy a clients needs.

In this project a photo base was used to create an imagined image, like one that might resemble a photo taken in a wooded area early in the morning while the fog is low and thick and someone or something is taking a stroll through the woods.

From the base photo several steps are taken with snapshots saved along the way. These snapshots make it easy to step back and try another path. Ultimately after various changes and some trial and error we end up with Big Foot taking a strool in the woods.